19 Jan 2014

Everything's Possible

Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough.
― T.S. Eliot ―

17 Jan 2014

Smile Quote


"Smile in every second of your life because that little smile can bring happiness to others"

What Is Love?

Love make us fell good
make us fell someone caring for us..

we lived this life with all the love we had
love gave us strenght to live our life
gave us the sweet things we ever expected

love has different ways to show what it's mean
love given as a gift for everyones lifes
love give us memories to share
memories to remember
the beautiful even the painful one

there's a lot of us thought that love has many risk to take
that's true!
but losing your love doesn't mean you losing yourself
don't let that happen

just learn the good thing that happened because you have love
learn or experience the painful love or memories you've ever had 

ɷEnjoy Your Dayɷ

16 Jan 2014

Have a nice day!

Some may not understand why would they meet each other
Why would they like each other
Why would they love each other like a sister

There's one day you realized that God's brought us to
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