10 Sep 2014

[BEAUTY TIPS] How To Get Rid Dark Circles Under Eyes

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Today's I'm going to talk about the 'men and women' problem under the eyes. What is it??? YES, dark circles and puffy eyes or eye bag. It's really bothersome right?? tsk, it is!! But don't worry, actually there are lot of things we can do to solve this problems.
Before we start to speak about how to solve or get rid of it, it's way better if you know what exactly causes dark circles under the eyes.

9 Sep 2014

[FOOD] My Kopi-O! ~ Everything Is Favourite


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It's really nice to share with you again ^^.. So today's I'm going to share a short post about this cozy place with an extremely delicie foods.. That place called my Kopi-O!, I really love this place, I always came to this place with my 2 bestfriends when we hangout together. We don't know why, but somehow this place draw our attention and we ended up eating there.

8 Sep 2014

[BEAUTY TIPS] Beauty and Healthy Skin

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Today I'm going to share about beauty talk which means we will discover about the secret of the beauty and healthy skin.. so let's begin ..
I know there are a lot of people out there who has problem with their skin, so do I..
Hearing about this problem, I found that the beauty and the skincare product are the most wanted thing among the girls. actually, not only girls, a lot of guy/men do the same thing, searching to find the best recommended product that suits their skin problems.
To be honest, I did the same thing like the others do because I kinda had a skin problem too like pimples or blemishes, oily skin, and other problem, so it's like a complication skin problem I thought. That's why I always trying to search about a beauty product review and when it comes with a positive and recommended comment, well.. I purchased those products wish it could solve my skin problems.. There's a lot of beauty products or skin products that really good for your skin. But sometimes, those product works really different for other people or different skin type.

6 Sep 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #03 Peach Choux

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I'm back again with a new review for you dear :)
So, today I'm going to review one of my favorite makeup base. This base from Etude House basically has 3 colors but I only had the number #03 Peach choux..

Before I tell you about this base, It's better to get to know what is makeup base for and then you decide whether you need it or not ;)
So, What is a makeup base??
Makeup base also referred to as a primer is a cosmetic product that is applied to the skin before foundation or concealer. Its purpose is to smooth out lines, wrinkles, or blemishes, and give the foundation or concealer a smooth palette for application. Makeup base also can help your makeup last longer [readhere][wisegeek.com]

So have you decide?? need it or not??
So today I'm going to review this makeup base product from Etude House ;)
Let's just start~~~

1 Sep 2014

[MAKEUP TIPS] No Worry Anymore with Your Dry Gel Liner and Mascara

Hello Readers, finally I'm back with a new post.
Today I'm giving you a different post than my usual post. Today I'm going to talk about dry dry and dry, I mean... have you ever had a dry gel liner and mascara? and then you throw it right away because it's hard to use anymore or can't be use anymore because it's dry inside? Well, like the tittle say, 'NO WORRY' it means there's a solution for it.. 
Are you already curious about it??
Well, be patient dear, I'll discuss about it soon :)

I had a hard time for using my gel liner andmy mascara for a long time. My gel liner still left too much to throw away and same reason with my mascara. If I'm not mistaken remember it, my gel liner begin to dry and the texture become hard or too lumpy after 1 month since I bought it and my mascara become really dry after I used it for 3 weeks :(
Images by Freepik