24 Jul 2014

[REVIEW] Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner

Helloooo Dear Readers... Back again with my new post..
As I promised on my Skincare Haul post a week ago.. Today, I'll be doing a review about one of those product.. Yes, it's a toner from Benton.
First of all, my skin is oily skin type, very sensitive, a lot of blemishes and pimples hanging around on my cheeks and left a lot of scars on my cheeks too.. It really frustrated.. As you know, every skincare products works really different for our skin..
So choose wisely and carefully for your own skin sake..
As I told you before, my best friend who recommend this product started use this product before me and it gives her really better result, it really did!! Well, luckily we have the same skin type and it works amazingly for me too, since I haven't use any toner for my life until I had this product.. Thanks to this product I can see my skin in a beautiful way..

This toner claims that the toner is made for all types of skin including sensitive and trouble ones. That's why I purchased this product. Besides, instead of purified water, the product contains Aloe barbadensis leaf water with natural cosmetic ingredients such as BHA and snail secretion filtrate to help prevent skin damages from skin irritants and stress.

  See The Detail Below

  The Bottle
I love how the bottle look like, it has really strong but yet simple color that shows a very nature look..

The body of the bottle


You can see how it claims for the all skin type and the main ingredients

The opening of the bottle


The small hole helps you for saving your toner for a long long time.. hahaa
It helps you to only take small amount of the toner so you don't have to worry that you'll waste your toner..

  The Swatch

I darken the picture so you can clearly see the swatch.. It absorbs fast.

 The toner has the same consistency as water and the smell not even bothering me

so far.. I love the scent..


I've already use the toner for about five to six days and I can feel and see the difference to my skin between before and after use the toner.. I can't tell or explain really well how this toner works like magic on my skin. I don't know if everyone who use this toner can feel how this toner brings the shiny effect to your skin, because I do, my skin looks shiny but not oily for sure. It helps to control my pores too, it tightening my pores as well. No more breakouts and goodbye for dark scars on my cheeks.. I used to have pimples, blemishes, and scars a lot on my cheeks, but after I used this toner almost for 1 week, my scars, pimples and blemishes seems to fading away time to time.. It really does a great great job.. 
For the oily skin type and sensitive skin, I think this works best so far (for me, personally), I recommend this product.. This toner is really helpuful thou.. 
FYI : I didn't use this product as a standalone product.. Don't..
Pros :
✔ Hydrating
✔ Reduces redness
✔ Decreases acne
✔ Brightens
 ✔ Non-irritating
✔ Scars fading away time to time
✔ Suitable for all skin type, sensitive and trouble skin
✔ Tighten my pores
✔ Smooth your skin
Can't use as a standalone skincare


 Repurchase ??
I'm in love with this toner.. So I give it a YES ~~
Afterall, the price is really affordable thou
I bought it for Rp 165.000 

See 'Ya On The Next New Post  

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  1. Wah jadi pengen cobain tonernya Benton >w<
    Sekarang pake FTCL tapi agak pricey, pengen cari yg lbh terjangkau biar ga boros hihi
    Salam kenal yah kak :D Ijin leave blog url yah (udh lama ga di update T_T)



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