11 Des 2014

[REVIEW] Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack By BENTON

Hello dear..
Back again with juslittleme and my newly post..
Talk about 'Me Time', I really don't have much time to do my 'Me Time' due to my college busyness (final assignment), lack of sleep from working with my final assignment #eyebagshere #puffyeyeshere .. And Thank God Finaly I'm done working with it and the schedule for my test were out and I have about 1 week to do a preparation before the test. So here it is, I decided to resting about just for 1 day and do some little basic 'Me Time', only a little 'Me Time' that tooks my time for 30 minutes and make my skin feel alive again~~ should I say #finally ??? hahaaaa

What Facial Mask actually is it?? Curious right??
I did a review about BENTON product long time ago - Aloe BHA Skin Toner from BENTON (checkhere) .. Snail line has been really popular this day.. Benton's one of them who added a snail secretion filtrate into their products to helps our skin problems. How about the Bee?? Yes, this product ingredients contain a Bee Venom as well. The Bee Venom is supposed to help our skin improvements from wrinkles.
Let's just start.. Shall we??

"Is for all types skins including sensitive. Instead of water, the product uses Camelia Sinesis Leaf Water, Snail secretion filtrate, Bee Venom and EGF to cleanse your rough and damage skin from various stresses and pollution. In addition to the skin-shooting, moisture supply and skin tone improvement functions, Arbutin and Adenosine contents of the product help you whitening your skin and remove wrinkles."

Can't even understand a single word.. Only know the time.. hahaa

Pardon my bare face .. hehee

My face looks really scary.. hahaa can't even talk, smile or laugh (be calm for awhile) hihiii

So last night, I took 30 minutes of my time putting a facial mask and it makes me and my skin feel so much better~~ Really, It did help my skin problem. Before, my skin felt a bit rough when I touched it. But tell you what, after I used this mask, the next morning I woke up, my face looked more bright and when washing my face, touching my face, it feels really smooth. So far, it works great by the way and I love it. About the scent? didin't bother me at all, It's not a big deal for me. How I feel when using this facial mask?? It's cooling and refreshing, truly refreshing and I Love It!! What I hate about this facial mask?? After you took off the mask and massage your face until it absorbed, it's sticky and I don't like something sticky on my skin so I have to wash my face again with water.
So, this is my honest thoughts based on my experience using this product. Remember, everyone has a different opinion/thought and also feel a different results as well. So don't judge me for what I say or what I write, because this based on my own experience. ^^

-  Cooling and refreshing
- Affordable
- Brighten my face (I guess so far)
- Moisture
- Smoothen my skin.

- Lack of absorption
- Sticky 

Yes!! I still love this product. 
Eventhough it feel sticky but this product did a really good job.
Besides, I got this for IDR 20.000/pcs
Still affordable for me. ^^

with love,

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  1. Ohh it is too bad that it did not absorb too well! ^ ^


    1. yeah it's too bad ..
      Thanks for visiting dear~~

  2. It's good that you like the products and want to repurchase. I always love reading reviews about mask but I don't know why I'm not really into mask >.< hihih

    Anyway I'm sorry for just visiting back now. I've been busy for a while, but thank you for following me, I've done the same, I hope we can keep in touch <3

    Sherry from ♕ SheemaSherry ♕ blog (www.theshimmeringsheema.blogspot.com)

    1. Hahaaa..
      Aww, thanks dear <3
      btw, Thankyou for stopping by~~

  3. maskernya ckp tipis ya? sy pernah pk nu face ,, pas dipake muka saya kaya mumi -- putih -- soalnya tebel ahaha.. 20rb beli di mana? saya pk benton jg tp yg snail cream ..itu oke, mama sy jg suka soalnya ngurangin flek hitam hehe. Good luck for you final assignment :)



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