21 Apr 2014


Hello guys.. 
I'm going to do a review of the Victoria's Secret Makeup Kit that I've won a week ago.. I'm lucky to be one of the giveaway winner, and lucky to have the Victoria's Secret kit because I would never had a chance to buy it.. I'd rather buy the cheaper one than the expensive one.. Because I won't spend my money buy an expensive thing especially makeup set, I decide to join the giveaway event from one of the onlineshop on instagram..
At first, I didn't take it in a serious way, because I thought I won't be a winner, but who knows, I think start from now I have to think about everything in a postive way ^^
(sorry, my english skill isn't good enough ;p) 

Well.. let's just stop talking about some makeup fairytale.. hahahaa 
lets just begin.. 

11 Apr 2014

[FOOD] Heavenly Food


Ice Cream

deliManjoo (Korean freshly baked cream cake)

[REVIEW] My Best Favourite Concealer ~ ETUDE HOUSE & HOLIKA HOLIKA

Heloo Dearr~~
It's been a longgg timee since I'm not posting any article yet..
Soo... today I'm gonna reviewing some of the product that I use, which is Etude House and Holika Holika stick concealer..
I love both of this product.. Both of it technically has the same function: covering the dark circles, covering the blemish and all the imperfection. For some people, like me, who has dark circles would love this product so much.. I have tried both of it and it covered my dark circles and blemishes very very well... it does a pretty good job thou.

Let's start talking about the difference of the two products..
First of all, for me, concealer is a must to use when you wearing a makeup to have matte look. I've using both of this concealer on the different times/days. I'm using the Surprise stick concealer by Etude House if I had a special event or hangout with my friends, and the Holika Holika stick concealer when I'm going to study just to make my eyes look a little bright so makes me looks like I had a good sleep and it still make it look natural.
Lets talk about the difference:
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