28 Mei 2014

[REVIEW] PERIPERA -- Peri's Tint Water No.4 Mandarin Juice

Hello Beauties~~
I really miss posting any review.. I'm not posting any review for a while and just being a silent reader due to a final exam.. And Thank's God my final exam's over today.. Yeiiyyyy for freedom!!!
Recently, I've been using two kind of lip products that I just bought this month..

Well.. Let's just begin~~~
If you crazy for Lip Tint raise yourrrr hands!!
(^v^)/ Meeee (^v^)/ Meeee (^v^)/ Meeee (^v^)/ MEEEEE ~~~ haha...
A lot of people may prefer using a Lipstick instead of lip tints, but heyy... I'm NOT! I prefer using lip tint, that's why I'm crazy for lip tint yoooww..

Have you ever heard about Peri's Tint Water from Peripera? Have you? Have you?
Well, First I'm gonna explain what is the Peri's Tint Water, and later I'll show it to you with some picture..
Peri's Tint Water from Peripera is a water based lip tint product and because it basically water based so when I applied it, its kinda runny down on my lips really fast, so I had to dab it fast too. And because of the water based again, the product absorb really fast and the color was really... really... Don't know how should I explain it with words.. Is it okay if I say....... Amazing!! Hahaa.. 
It has many kinds of colors that splits into five numbers which is:

10 Mei 2014

[TUTORIAL] Another Part Of Me

Hello Beautiess~~
This was my first time posting a tutorial look
this was definetely my simple experiment of the day... hahaaa and I just want to share it~~
I've been upload this final look on my instagram
so check it out on My Instagram << Just Click it to see..

Well lets begin
I'll show you step by step
Images by Freepik