26 Jul 2014

[GIVEAWAY] Jean Milka 1st Giveaway: Make Up For You, Etude House, The Face Shop, Caring Cosmetics, Sasatinnie etc


Welcome dear readers..
Kali ini Jean Milka lagi mengadakan 1st Giveaway dengan hadiah Make Up For You 24 brush set dan berbagai produk lainnya. Ada 4 set hadiah untuk 4 orang pemenang yang beruntung. Pemenang utama akan dipilih berdasarkan komentar, kritik dan saran tentang blog. Sedangkan 3 pemenang lainnya akan di pilih menggunakan Rafflecopter secara acak.

Apa sih hadiahnya ??
Penasaran??? Lets Check  

[REVIEW] Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream


Dear readers, I'm going to review one of my wonderful skincare product..
I bet you're curious about what this product do to me.. Well, let's start..
On my latest post, I said that my skin was really sensitive because mine was really oily. First of all, I've heard some myth about people with the oily skin

24 Jul 2014

[REVIEW] Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner

Helloooo Dear Readers... Back again with my new post..
As I promised on my Skincare Haul post a week ago.. Today, I'll be doing a review about one of those product.. Yes, it's a toner from Benton.
First of all, my skin is oily skin type, very sensitive, a lot of blemishes and pimples hanging around on my cheeks and left a lot of scars on my cheeks too.. It really frustrated.. As you know, every skincare products works really different for our skin..

17 Jul 2014

[SKINCARE HAUL] Secret Key, Mizon, Benton

Long time with no post, and here I am back with a new post~~ hehehee..
I was on vacation two weeks ago so I couldn't post anything yet back then..
I'll be posting some of my photos soon when I'm in Bali with my big sister and my best friend, but today I'm not gonna talk about Bali..
Let's move..
So today my package just came.. I ordered 4 products from instagram..
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