11 Des 2014

[REVIEW] Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack By BENTON

Hello dear..
Back again with juslittleme and my newly post..
Talk about 'Me Time', I really don't have much time to do my 'Me Time' due to my college busyness (final assignment), lack of sleep from working with my final assignment #eyebagshere #puffyeyeshere .. And Thank God Finaly I'm done working with it and the schedule for my test were out and I have about 1 week to do a preparation before the test. So here it is, I decided to resting about just for 1 day and do some little basic 'Me Time', only a little 'Me Time' that tooks my time for 30 minutes and make my skin feel alive again~~ should I say #finally ??? hahaaaa

What Facial Mask actually is it?? Curious right??
I did a review about BENTON product long time ago - Aloe BHA Skin Toner from BENTON (checkhere) .. Snail line has been really popular this day.. Benton's one of them who added a snail secretion filtrate into their products to helps our skin problems. How about the Bee?? Yes, this product ingredients contain a Bee Venom as well. The Bee Venom is supposed to help our skin improvements from wrinkles.
Let's just start.. Shall we??

"Is for all types skins including sensitive. Instead of water, the product uses Camelia Sinesis Leaf Water, Snail secretion filtrate, Bee Venom and EGF to cleanse your rough and damage skin from various stresses and pollution. In addition to the skin-shooting, moisture supply and skin tone improvement functions, Arbutin and Adenosine contents of the product help you whitening your skin and remove wrinkles."

8 Des 2014

[REVIEW] Mustika Ratu Herbal Facial Wipes

Hello dear..
Today's post will be review about facial wipes..
Have you ever tried this product?? This's my first time, so I'll tell you my honest thoughts about this product.
I usually using POND'S for cleaning my makeup, it works pretty good thou. Eventhou it cleaned my makeup very well there are some factors that keep making me uncomfortable after using it, so I try to find another cleanser like pixy but it just won't work well, my makeup won't come off easily. I had to rub my face with cotton like 3-4 times and then I decided to go back with my POND'S.
Last week, I got this Herbal Facial Wipes from Mustika Ratu. Let's just start.. Shall we??

"Herbal facial wipes are specially formulated with Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for cleansing face, eye makeup and waterproof mascara. One easy step to clean and keep the skin fresh, soft and moist."

7 Des 2014

Basha Market - Bring Broadway To Surabaya

Hello again readers..
I'm not pushed by anyone to write this post, I just so in love with this bazaar event, so beautiful, crowded (love crowded place). You can find fashion stuff, beauty stuff and other beautiful stuffs at Basha Market. Oh oh oh .. and~~~~ guess what~~ there's a lot of food~~~~ *eatandeat again.. Well, I can never stop eating~~ #fatbellyhere .. haha ^^
This post will be a short post and few pictures about my adventure at Basha Market on saturday 6th with my lovely sister ^^ This Basha Market start from December 5th and ends on December 7th at Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya..


Selfie's never gone wrong

3 Des 2014

[EVENT REPORT] Bio-Oil 'Discover Your Happy Skin' Exhibition Roadshow And Talkshow

Hello hello hello dear readers..
Maybe it's kinda too late to post about this.. The reason is bad internet connection~~ T.T and it's been 2 weeks T.T But I just can't wait and really excited to tell you about this event and the wonderful product also.. hehe..
So let's just start.. Shall we?

I've been invited to join the Bio-Oil exhibition and talkshow from the other friends blogger.. It was really excited and an honor and also a pleasure to come .. Honestly, it was my first time to join an event, Thanks for Melisa for invited me to join and get to know new friends which is good, warmhearted, and pretty too.. hahaaa

Let's just start to know Bio-Oil.. *keep scroll down beibb.. ^^
Have you ever heard about Bio-Oil? What exactly this product do?
Images by Freepik