7 Jun 2014

[HOW TO] Crunchy Delicie Toast

Two days ago, I found an idea about how to make a delicious snack, since I love to eat..
Probably many people have done the same thing that I do..
Well, fine, I just love to share my own way to do it..
I eat this snack in the morning as my breakfast, plus drink a yoghurt..
So let's just start~~
What You Need
1 or 2 Wheat bread 
3 small pieces cut of Brocoli
2 boiled eggs

How To

3 Jun 2014

[FOOD] I called It Life dude~~

Helloo.. It's been a while~~
I'm going to share about what I've been doing for a couple weeks ago..
Since this is a holiday timee, so.. I spent my time on laptop a lot googling, giggling and everything.. hahaaa
Actually, today I'm in a free time to posting some of my hobby a.k.a EAT.. ^^
I'm thinking about posting a few of my fun time with my bestfriends a couple weeks ago..
Images by Freepik