8 Okt 2014

[BEAUTY HAUL] OCTOBER MAKEUP {&} SKINCARE HAUL - Skinfood, Holika Holika, The Face Shop-Face it, The Face Shop Lovely me;ex, Peripera

Hello again dear readers ^^
This post will be only a little chit-chat about all the products I bought on September, but actually the package came almost on October, so that's why you can see on the tittle post I said 'October'.. heheee
Well, some of the products are only in sample size and some of it I bought with the full size..
I can't say much.. Let's just start..
Shall We ??
Well, enjoy then ^^


4 Okt 2014

[REVIEW] PERIPERA - Peri's Cushion Lips #PK07 #PK08

Heloo dear.. It's been a while ^^
Too busy for writing new post on september.. But now,,
Well.. Well.. New day, new date, new month, same year and a new post ^^ hoorayyy \(^,^)/ Happy to start writing a new post again~~
So, a couple weeks ago I bought some products which is my favorite kind of product.. I told you before how much I love lip tint or any kind of lip products, so the product I bought was some kind of it.
Let's just say I ran out of lip tint and I bought it since I can't go anywhere without it.. hahaaa.. How weird, isn't it?? yeahh,, But I truly really can't.. It's like 'never go out without lipstick'.. #well #weird..
Lip tint or lipstick is like the key of beauty or when you wear makeup,, Well, for me it is.. For me, the point when you go out is your lips, when people stare at you, the most spot they usually see or stare at is your lips.. #Iguess I won't say people will stare or spot your eyes first, because eyes part is relative and by the way no matter what and no matter how, every people already has a beautiful eyes.. ^^

Let's just start.. Shall we?
Images by Freepik