8 Des 2014

[REVIEW] Mustika Ratu Herbal Facial Wipes

Hello dear..
Today's post will be review about facial wipes..
Have you ever tried this product?? This's my first time, so I'll tell you my honest thoughts about this product.
I usually using POND'S for cleaning my makeup, it works pretty good thou. Eventhou it cleaned my makeup very well there are some factors that keep making me uncomfortable after using it, so I try to find another cleanser like pixy but it just won't work well, my makeup won't come off easily. I had to rub my face with cotton like 3-4 times and then I decided to go back with my POND'S.
Last week, I got this Herbal Facial Wipes from Mustika Ratu. Let's just start.. Shall we??

"Herbal facial wipes are specially formulated with Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for cleansing face, eye makeup and waterproof mascara. One easy step to clean and keep the skin fresh, soft and moist."
Use Direction:
- Gently wipes 'herbal facial wipes' to clean your makeup.
- to clean eye make up and waterproof mascara, close your eyes and put 'herbal facial wipes' onto your eyes for 5-6 seconds before wiping it, repeat several times until your eyes perfectly clean.

Overall, I'm in love at the first sight with this 'Herbal Facial Wipes' from Mustika Ratu. This is the easiest way to clean my makeup and of course my waterproof mascara. This product works really great. So far, I love it.. It's one step ahead from shaking, pouring and rubbing with cotton. I've tried a facial wipes product from another brand but not as comfortable as when I use this 'herbal facial wipes'. Just with one sheet, you can clean your whole face area easily, rub it easily and your makeup will remove easily too. It's a little bit sticky after you left it dry but still feel refreshing and when you wash your face after using the facial wipes, it didn't feel slippery at all.

P.S: I think this product works different in everyone expectations, for me this product works fine for removing my waterproof mascara since I don't put thick mascara on my eyelash.

- Easy to rub
- Not slippery when you wash your face
- Remove make up easily
- Aromatic
- Travel friendly

- Sticky after you wipe your face and leave it dry

with love,

9 komentar:

  1. nice review ka :) aku baru tau mustika ratu ngeluarin facial wipes gini


    1. Thankyou dear :) worth to try I guess..

  2. nice review :) Its great that it is herbal !

    1. Thanks :) herbal always be the best choice ^^

  3. I prefer facial wipes for removing my makeup - they are so convenient!

  4. I never like facial wipes to clean my face I just feel it's not clean enough hahahha

  5. Aku belom cobain nih,wkwkwk....jd mau buru2 cobain,penasaran...

    1. enak kok ce dipakenya, wanginya enak juga :) hahaaa
      Thanks udah mampir ce ^^


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