7 Des 2014

Basha Market - Bring Broadway To Surabaya

Hello again readers..
I'm not pushed by anyone to write this post, I just so in love with this bazaar event, so beautiful, crowded (love crowded place). You can find fashion stuff, beauty stuff and other beautiful stuffs at Basha Market. Oh oh oh .. and~~~~ guess what~~ there's a lot of food~~~~ *eatandeat again.. Well, I can never stop eating~~ #fatbellyhere .. haha ^^
This post will be a short post and few pictures about my adventure at Basha Market on saturday 6th with my lovely sister ^^ This Basha Market start from December 5th and ends on December 7th at Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya..


Selfie's never gone wrong

Lovey Dovey Sister

Everyone at Basha Market has this on their wrist

Kids Corner yeah ..

sorry for blurry :(

Temporary tatoo

Find their collection on instagram

want it all (Only got 2 pairs)

Handmade Jewelry here

kyaaaa >.< .. all the shoes in the box cost IDR 100.000/pairs

Here I come food corner~~~

Delicious pudding :) *slurpp

Cute packing cake in jar

You can check and order the jar cake here :)

Beautiful and shiny view near the exit door

This's what I got after walking around for one and half hour..
Let's see~~

Bought this all
Oh my!! Pardon my face~~ hehe :) Got this delicie jar cake from SWEETVILLEID for IDR 30.000/jar
Temporary Tatoo.. Not mine except the Ballerina.. Ballerina is mine~~

Got this pairs from SILVERSWANLASH for IDR 30.000/pair .. If you buy online it cost you IDR 36.000/pair .. (Check on ig: SILVERSWANLASH_surabaya)
  P.S: I don't put all the store picture due to my phone battery capacity, so here's just some of the store I captured..


See You On My Next Adventure ;)
with love,


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